Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inside Out

See this picture?
That is my Baby Girl wearing her pajamas inside out.

Because we are third time parents.  As third time parents, we have learned our lesson.  The lesson is that there will come a point where a child will find the zipper on their pajamas and try to take them off.  Therefore, rather than putting pajamas back on 10 times a night, we put them on inside out.  You should see how angry she gets too.  First, you will see her looking for the zipper.  Then, it is followed by a scream that would most likely translate to "I AM SO PISSED RIGHT NOW!"  Truth be told, this sort of makes us laugh.  Sorry Baby Girl, third time parents here.

My favorite story is when my hubby took her to the grocery store early one morning and a kind woman behind him in line said "I have to ask, did you purposely put her pajamas on inside out?".  I can only imagine his serious response of "Yes, yes I did."

In other news, are you wondering why a 1 year old is wearing 3T pajamas?  Would it make you more shocked that 4T actually fits better?  This Baby Girl is growing like a weed and I can only image how tall she is going to be when she is older.  Mommy's 6ft?  I am guessing taller.


  1. I would never ever have thought of this. Haven't had to deal with it yet -- but now I'm totally ready to wage pajama war!

  2. 1 - this is hysterical! and 2 - she is a giant! Sign her up with a modeling agency now!


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