Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Product Review: Hot Tot Hair Products

When I was asked by Hot Tot, the company behind a line of all natural, organic hair products for babies and children,  to do a product review, I quickly accepted.  Mostly because my oldest has the THICKEST, CURLIEST hair ever.  If it gets too long, just think Kramer.  It is incredibly hard to style and keep in place.  REALLY HARD.  Hot Tot told me they think they had just the products to help and sent me a few others to try out as well.  

This was the product I was the most interested in trying.  I have used it on both my Oldest and Middle Man and tested how much it would take to get my Oldest's hair to listen.  Even though it is a medium hold gel, I thought it did a great job of holding their hair in place all day and did not look like I piled their hair with products.  I have also used this on Baby Girl to help her somewhat existent ponytails.  She has so many baby hairs that simply fly out as soon as I pull it back and this gel did a great job of keeping everything in place.

This product is more creamy and thicker than the gel.  It was a bit too much for my Middle Man, who's hair is pretty thin, but it worked great on my Oldest.  With how much hair he has, it was extremely easy to work through and style without making it greasy or flat.  It held his hair in place all day, just like the gel.  For thick hair, this is the ideal product to go with but it does work best when hair is wet so I would stick with the gel for dry hair. 

Since none of my children have long hair yet, I decided to try this product out on myself.  I have used it for a number of days now and I have loved the results.  It sprays on easily, does a great job of detangling and leaves my hair extremely soft once it is dry.  If this product has the ability to make my adult hair feel great, I can only imagine how well it works on hair that has not been colored every 8 weeks for the past 10 years.

Overall, I really liked each product that I used.  The smell was that great baby scent and they each seemed to work really well on my children's hair.  The company prides themselves on using only extremely safe products so that your child can look great without harsh chemicals.  A win-win right?  I will definitely continue using these products on my children (oh yes, and myself).

To order Hot Tot products, visit their website here or find a local retailer near you here.

Disclaimer: I did receive products from Hot Tot for review purposes but all opinions stated are 100% my own.  No compensation was delivered for this review.


  1. Ohhh I am intrigued! Looks like great stuff for sure!

  2. awesome! my daughter has the thickest longest hair & you could only imagine how long it takes to detangle the madness! thanx for the review!


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