Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Up on a Roof Top

The Rose Parade is pretty fantastic.  It is even more fantastic when you have amazing friends who's father owns a building right on the parade route and you can sit on the roof and watch the floats go by without any crowds or camping out at 4am.  This was our second year of going and it was just as much fun as last year.  All three kids were fascinated by the different floats and you could not beat the 85 degree weather.  Gotta love California in January!

Can you guess where my husband and I went to college?  SLO Town.
Favorite of the boys?  The Power Rangers
My dear friend S, in the split second we had before returning to ensuring our children did not fall off the roof
You have to support the PAC 12
Anyone else dying over the HGTV 2012 Dream Home?
Here is the only family shot we got.  I would have preferred one on the roof like last year but you take what you get when you are dealing with three kids.  And no, that was not our tent in the background.  Thank gawd we did not have to sleep outside for our amazing spot!

Thank you Smalls for the invite!  Looking forward to it again next year!
(See how I have invited myself publicly and now they are obligated to extend the invitation as to avoid looking like terrible people?)


  1. Now that's the way to do the Parade! How fun. Btw, the no parade on Jan. 1 this year, completly threw me off.

  2. How fun!! That sounds like the best way to see the parade. Last year we took our 3 littles up to Pasadena the day after the parade to check out all the floats.

  3. So fun!! I have NEVER been. Maybe next year. :) ps. you look gorgeous!!


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