Monday, November 26, 2012


So, I gave in.

On Friday I stated that I stay away from all malls on Black Friday like the plague.  Well, not in those words.  I am feeling a little more dramatic today.

And the truth is, I did stay away!  Until Sunday.

With our trip to Washington D.C. looming, I thought I would try and take advantage of all the sales and collect some warm, cozy sweaters for the 35 degree cold I am about to throw myself into.

In typical Sarah form, this is what happens.

I go into a million stores with "SALE" signs everywhere and find nothing.
I venture into H&M and Zara for a second only to dislike how crowded they are and leave.
I walk into Club Monaco where half of the store is an additional 30% off of all their sale.
And I fall in love with a FULL PRICED, NO DISCOUNT, amazing sweater.

Club Monaco Aran Sweater

As I said, typical.

But I LOVE it.
So cozy.
A beautiful winter white.
If it came in other colors I would have snapped them up too.
And it was one of the ONLY sweaters I found in South Coast Plaza that is thick, long sleeved and will actually keep me warm in cold weather.
Apparently we do not sell many "real" sweaters in Orange County.

And speaking of sweaters...
If you do not follow me on Instagram (@jugglinginheels), here is the hubby and I all dressed up for my parent's Ugly Sweater party in what I would like to call "Christmas threw up on us" outfits.

Pretty right?


  1. Love that sweater - and you and your husband look adorable in those ugly sweaters. :)



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