Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PV Body

So, traithlon training continues.  I am now up to running 5 miles, biking 18-20 miles and swimming roughly 1.5 miles.  It really has been fun working out with friends and having a goal that we are all excited to hit.  Lets see if we can keep this motivation up through the holidays!

Because I am working out a lot more, I noticed that I am going through my workout clothes a lot faster during the week.  Obviously cleaning clothes are my nemesis so I know I need to invest in more but for me, buying workout clothes is about as annoying as buying bras.  I HATE spending a ton of money on something that I am going to sweat in.  I would much rather have a new sweater, blouse, pair of shoes....the list could go on and on.

This is where PV Body comes in.

PV Body is a Santa Monica based company that delivers monthly workout clothes to your front door.  Fun right?!  Each package costs $39.95 and contains one top and one pant.  I honestly think you cannot beat $20 a piece.  In order to ensure that you are getting what you like, they begin the process with you completing a questionnaire on the type of workouts you like, your style (I obviously picked bright colors), your favorite athletic brands, celebrity style, etc.  After you have completed this they put together a profile for you and your first box is shipped!  The items can be from a number of brands such as Nike, Lululemon, Hard Tail, American Apparel and Nux.

Here is what arrived in my first box.

And here is me wearing them.
Top: Nux Pants: American Apparel both c/o PV Body
I absolutely loved both the top and pants and went immediately off for a run in them.  I was very happy that they listen to my measurements as I am very tall with a long torso and sometimes different lines run totally different, leaving me with a crop top and awkward pants.  What they sent was the perfect size in both.  Would I use this service again?  Absolutely.  I figure that getting 5-6 pieces of athletic wear for the same price as 1 pant from some retailers just makes economic sense.    

If you are worried about not liking what you receive, PV Body will work with you to make an exchange to ensure you are happy with the product.  If you want to take a break in the delivery of your box, you can do that too.  Simply contact PV Body and they will ensure you do not receive a box for the month selected.  They really make it easy to enjoy the service of receiving new clothes at home without you feeling trapped in the system.

If you are interested in trying out PV Body, simply click here to get started!  The amazing people over at PV Body are offering you 20% off your first box!  It is really hard to say no to that, isn't it?


  1. How fun!! Perfect for active girls on the go. Best of luck on your training!


  2. 1) Good for you! Good luck! And 2) maybe be inspired to workout w new clothes every month!


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