Thursday, November 15, 2012

LA Bound

This morning I am off to LA to participate in an exciting project that I cannot wait to tell you about....I just can't yet.  The wardrobe options are ready, the bag of shoes is filled and I will be heading out the door in just a minute.  Before I go though I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enter the Four Peas Giveaway.  There are few entries so your odds are very good!  Don't forget to "like" them on Facebook and leave your comment on the post in order to enter.  You have until midnight tomorrow night!  

I will be getting home pretty late tonight and tomorrow I need to get ready for 3 sporting events and a sleepover involving 8 boys (what did I do?????) on Saturday so I am signing off for the weekend.  Have a fabulous three days and I will be back next week because there is no school, no sports and a holiday.  I LOVE next week already and it is not even here yet!

Happy weekend!  


  1. The trick to a sleep over w 8 yr olds.......keep them busy every minute......and realize the simple things make them happy.......playing soccer w stuffed animals in the hall way.......trying to play hot potato w a football......nerf gun war...etc.....have a great time in LA!!


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