Monday, April 15, 2013

By Terry

At the first Space.NK event I hosted, I was introduced to a line called "By Terry", a cosmetics line developed by Terry de Gunzberg. The line focuses on using the highest protective ingredients from botanical extracts, the latest technology, ultra-rare pigments and textures and delivered through "click-pens", making the entire application process and touch ups extremely easy.  While hosting I was too busy talking to be able to sit down in the makeup chair and try the products but numerous attendees were raving about them.

Finally, a couple months ago, I was able to try the line out myself and have become a huge fan.  These five items are my favorite and have replaced other lines that I have been using for years.  The easy application allows me to throw the pens into my purse and touch up throughout the day without a mess.  Of all the products, my two favorite are the mascara, which makes your lashes look a MILE long, and the Creme de Rose Nuit, a night cream that has an incredible rose smell and just feels incredibly decadent when you put it on. 
By Terry


  1. Great picks! I really want to try the By Terry baume de rose lip balm. I've heard great things about it!
    A MakeupHabit


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