Monday, April 29, 2013


This weekend took an unexpected turn when Baby Girl got sick Friday night.  Our plans of baseball in the morning and a trip to the beach in the afternoon were put to a halt and I spent all of Saturday sitting in our bedroom with Baby Girl.  This was her first "real" sickness and I had forgotten how sad it was to watch a really little one cope with being sick and not understanding why they feel the way that they do.  There was not an option of me leaving the room.  She would not stand for it.    

Baby Girl watched Monsters Inc, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Toy Story while I caught up on all the magazines that have been piling up, fell for this really cozy looking padded sweatshirt, finally found the perfect Bubble Ceramic Sidetable for our family room and perused the DVF Loves Gapkids collection.  I also took care of some Mother's Day shopping at the Tory Burch Friends and Family event.  Let's just say that I am not one who should be left in a room all day with a computer at my disposal.  

From left: Zara sweatshirt,  West Elm SidetableDVF Loves Gapkids Collection

Baby Girl is now on the mend and the household is returning to normal.  As always, I am just hoping no one else gets sick too.  Fingers crossed, toes crossed, hair crossed.....everything crossed!

How was everyone else's weekend?

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