Thursday, September 19, 2013

Balboa Island

On Tuesday I mentioned that we spent the weekend on Balboa Island.  What I didn't mention is that it was my birthday and with no sporting events that day (SHOCKING), the only place I want to go was Balboa Island.  It is one of my absolute most favorite places in Orange County.

Newport Beach is made up of the Pennisula and a number of small islands filled with incredible Cape-style homes, restaurants and shops.  Though I adore Lido Island and Bay Island, Balboa is one of the larger islands with an adorable main street and the most perfect boardwalk that surrounds the island.  You can spend hours there walking around, indulging in yummy treats and enjoying the beach.  You just can really never have a bad day on Balboa.

The best Cinnamon Rolls EVER.  But you better be there early.  When they are gone, they are gone!
Endless amounts of Salt Water Taffy can be purchased here.  A must stop for the kids.
A Balboa Bar is a must whenever you are on the island
I am having the best time showcasing some of my favorite places around Orange County.  It makes me appreciate all the little things that are right in my backyard.  We can so easily forget.  Another favorite to come soon!


  1. Definitely my "Happy Place" in OC. Looking at these pictures reminds me why...looks like Cape Cod!


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