Monday, September 9, 2013


Fall means sports.

And sports means spending my weekends at the fields. 

Weekends at the fields means living in casual clothes.

With the amount of time I spend in tshirts, I really have become particular on the cotton and fit.  I hate when t-shirts:
stretch out
look cheap
are not soft
are not flattering

Perhaps I am a tad bit picky but when you are living in them, you can't help but care about the quality.  I have become very specific with the brands I wear, knowing that they are comfortable, soft and wear well, but this has made my t-shirt shopping extremely limited.  I am always on the look out for other lines to fill the void.  One line I have been drawn to lately is Everlane.   

Everlane has developed a reputation as a company that takes pride in their quality and sharing with you where their clothes are made.  No secrets.

When you click on an item, it will not only share with you the traditional information you are used to seeing on a website, but it will also share with you where the factory is that the item is produced.  From Long Beach, Ca. to China, they find the factory that makes the most sense and they actually share this information with you.  I love it.  They also incredibly open to feedback, always wanting to improve.  Even better, by only being online, they are able to keep their prices low, making the entire site extremely reasonable. 

Right now I am really eyeing their t-shirts ($15) and sweatshirts ($40).  I love the Fall colors and for the price, think they are worth trying out.

Everlane carries a number of other products such as blouses, sandals, bags and an entire line for men.  You can view everything by clicking here.

Happy Monday.


  1. Oooh! I might have to try! $15 is a really great price! Going to check out Pickwick & Weller in a couple of weeks at their new tee shop in SF!


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