Wednesday, October 16, 2013


With Fall arriving, I have made the transition from small clutches back to the traditional satchel.  Clutches are extremely easy in the summer because they can be thrown into a pool bag or taken to the park with minimal items needed.  With school beginning, sports practices a couple nights a week, planning a fundraiser and trying to get errands ran while the kids are in school, I need more space.  Lately, I have been depending on my Dooney and Bourke Clayton Satchel.  Not only is the style simple and chic, but the space is exactly what I need.  The other best part?  The more it is used, the better the leather looks.  I am going to say it is potentially child/sports/crazylady proof.  

So what is inside?

Crossbody Strap
I always keep the cross body strap in the bag because it is inevitable that I am going to need to go hands free at some point during the day.  It clips on and I am ready to go.

Does this need an explanation?  My favorite cases are Kate Spade cases because they just make me smile.

I always keep a book in my handbag because there are always natural pauses in my day (waiting at practice, waiting in the school pick up line) and these are usually the only opportunity I have to actually read.  Right now I am reading this book and absolutely loving it.

My handbag often travels to the gym with me so I keep my headphones in  there so that I can catch up on some news while running.  If they do not stay in here, I will always lose them.

Lip Liner and Lipstick
Because even though I am running around like a crazy person at times, I still like having my lipstick on.

Hand Sanitizer
Again, I do not think that with three children this needs any explanation

Rubber Bands
Because my hair will inevitably be pulled back at some point during the day.  Or because Baby Girl has decided that the pony tail I begged her to wear before school is going to get ripped out by the time we get to school.

Two Pairs of Sunglasses
Strange but yes, I always keep two pairs in my purse.  One will always be a plastic frame that the children cannot destroy and the other will be a nicer pair that I try to pull out when the kids are not around.  At school pick up, it is back to the plastic pair.

I must confess that I did leave my wallet, snacks and baby wipes out of this photo because there was only so much that I could fit but they all work nice and comfortably in this handbag. This making the "grab and go" process that I need in a handbag perfectly seamless.

* Juggling in Heels did receive the Clayton Satchel c/o Dooney and Bourke but all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Gorgeous bag! Good idea to keep the strap inside your bag - have to remember that next time.


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