Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Lesson

I was extremely curious as to what the check out woman thought when I walked up to the register at CVS and put down four packages of Children's Motrin.

Am I a mom who makes drugs out of children's medicine in my spare time?

Am I a hypochondriac who over medicates my children?

Did I have a coupon and was piling up, only to get all bottles for free?

No, I was just a mom who's Oldest was diagnosed with migraines.  

One bottle for my purse.  One bottle for the school.  One bottle for home.  One bottle for the hubby's car.  I think we have got it covered.

After a few headaches that ended up with him getting physically sick to his stomach, it was concluded that the poor guy is going to suffer from migraines from time to time.  Hopefully with having this on hand, he will be able to let us know when he feels a headache coming on and we can stop it in its tracks.  We will also be taking a look at his diet and hydration to ensure we are doing all we can to try and avoid him getting anymore.  Even though he will have to deal with this, and it is not always going to feel good for him, I feel so fortunate that this is all that it is.  

If anyone has children that deal with migraines, I would love to hear what you have done to help avoid them getting one.  There is so much information out there and of course, I want to know it all.  I have read that diet is a major one, which would be a BIG deal for him considering he is a carb addict and of course loves processed foods because, well, he is a kid.  Like I said, suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Oh this parenting thing.  Just when I think I have got it, something gets thrown into the mix!  Typical!   

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