Monday, March 24, 2014

Waxing Poetic

The final stop of my retail therapy in Los Olivos was Waxing Poetic, a jewelry, charms, candles and housewares boutique.  You may have heard of Waxing Poetic as they has been mentioned in a number of publications and is not only available in their two boutiques (Los Olivos and Summerland) but also in numerous boutiques across the country.  The last time I was in Los Olivos they were in a different location so I was excited to visit the new store and of course, peruse all the dainty treasures.

When you enter the store, you immediately feel as if you are in someone's living room.  Books line the walls, there is a beautiful writing desk and you are surrounded by intricately designed charms, jewelry, scarves and candles...just to name a few.  I found myself getting lost in the store as I immediately began thinking of all the sentimental gifts that I could pick up here.  Something for the bride, for your pregnant sister, your mother, a first communion.  Truly, they have embraced the moments of life and created opportunities for you to give something that is just not a gift but something that will be held on to forever.  I may have also started my own "wish list" for the hubby while I was inside.  As with all the boutiques I visited while in the valley, the customer service was phenomenal and even though I have discovered all the locations Waxing Poetic is available in Orange County, there is still something special about being in this store in Los Olivos.  It is a very special little place.

You can visit the Los Olivos boutique at 2477 Alamo Pintado Ave. or click here to find where Waxing Poetic is sold near you.  

I also recommend following them on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with their new pieces.


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