Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Thanks to a great project with Gilt Baby and Kids (more to come on that later!), I was asked to deliver a photo of me with ALL THREE kiddos.  After spending what felt like hours trying to find a great photo of the four of us, this is the ONLY photo I have from the last 7 months where everyone is smiling.

7 months and one photo.  Pathetic.

Do you ever find that you get lost BEHIND the camera and rarely actually show up in any of the photos?  I know I have mentioned this before but I think that I am so consumed with getting great shots of everyone else (there were a TON of the hubby with all three of them), I completely forget to hand the camera off to someone else so I can get in a few.

What is even more pathetic from this shot is that it is from my little sister's rehearsal and is the ONLY photo that I have of me with the kids from the entire wedding weekend.  Like I said.  PATHETIC.  

Yes, I want to have thousands of memories of my children, but I also want them to know that I was actually there.  I have got to get better at this.  Do you feel the same?

Worst part, Gilt needed a horizontal photo.  Believe me, I hate being the person that has to tell Gilt I cannot deliver.  Will anyone notice that Baby Girl looks about 12 months old in the photo I sent?  UGH.

On the plus side, this photo has motivated me to wear this exact outfit tonight to a 40th birthday dinner.  This proves that I wear something more than once, regardless of what my hubby says.


  1. Oh, I hear you! I just edited almost 200 photos of a trip we took last week and I'm in 4 of them. ;) One thing I've started doing is treating myself to a photo shoot every year right around Mother's Day with my two boys. This way I get a beautiful set of photographs - and I'm in them (and not taken by my hubby who has zero photography skills)!

  2. It's sad, but the same is true for me. I'm always behind the camera capturing the great shots. If I am in them at all, it's because I did a self portrait with the camera hoping to get a good picture of me and my son.

  3. Same thing here! My husband looks like a single father! I just posted a self portrait on my blog today! The only way I get pictures of myself - ha!


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