Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Last Saturday night we headed out to dinner with some of our favorite friends.  When we arrived at the restaurant, the first thing the ladies saw was the dessert menu. It was instantly decided that all of us would order light dinners in order to indulge in dessert.  Fast forward through a ton of talking, kids running around and two bottles of wine.  Some how through all the chaos, we forgot to order dessert.  Our entire night had been planned around it and we missed it.  The next morning I was a little sad about it.

One of the items on the menu was a deluxe, homemade, ice cream sandwich.  It sounded so good that three days later, I decided I was going to make them myself.  Here is all you need.

12 chocolate chip cookies (you can make them yourself or buy then in your local bakery)
1 pint of ice cream (I went with two; one strawberry, one vanilla)
1 package of mini chocolate chips

Here is all you need to do.

1. Let the ice cream sit out a bit so that it softens.
2. Lay wax paper on a cookie sheet.
3. Pour the mini chocolate chips out on a plate
4. Place one cookie on the wax paper upside down.
5. Scoop out ice cream until it sits pretty thick on the cookie.
6. Gently push another cookie on top
7. Roll the sandwich through the chocolate chips (you may need to help by pushing the chocolate chips into the ice cream).
8. Place on cookie sheet.
9. Repeat until all the sandwiches have been created.
10. Place in the freezer for a couple hours (I did it for 4 hours) so the ice cream hardens again.

There really is no reason to say this but they were delish and really, there is something better about them being homemade.

Today is the day we head to Chicago!  As you are reading this, we are high in the sky and either my three kiddos are behaving or all hell is breaking lose.  I am really hoping it is going well but I am not afraid to order a mimosa from the bar cart.


  1. These look great...oh, and I love the color on your nails!

  2. Yum! Those look delish! Have fun in my hometown. :)

  3. Oh yum! Get a mimosa, or two!


  4. YUMMY! Looks delicious and easy - perfect for dessert after a barbecue. Nice work.

  5. Those look so good! I just might have to make some this week. I bet they would freeze good too :)


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