Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Day After

Here it is.  I am really tired and have a little headache.  The Fourth of July was incredible as always and I have woken up today with a little holiday hangover (partly due to the marathon day we had, partly due to a little too much wine).  Today also begins the preparation for our trip to Chicago next week to visit my Best Friend.  Yes, it is going to take this long to get all of us ready.  

Because Chicago is one of my favorite cities to shop in, I am trying to purchasing nothing before I go to counterbalance my plan to spend.  This has been incredible hard with the Zara Summer Sale that has been going on.  It is one of the best sales of the year and I have had to use all self control.  That being said, if I wasn't holding back, here are a few things I would be picking up.

Sequinned Dress with Fringe
Fantasy Coat with Studded Collar
Studded Silk Blouse
Combined Blucher

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