Thursday, August 2, 2012

I hate to ask but.......

I need your help!

I feel extremely fortunate that for the second year in a row, I was nominated for Circle of Moms "Top 25 So Cal Mom Blogs of 2012".  

Last year, thanks to all of you, I made the Circle of Moms "Top 25 So Cal Mom Blogs of 2011" list and was shocked.  I could not believe all the support you had all given me by taking the time to vote.  That, or you were harassed by me for votes on a daily basis and you finally caved.  Either way, I was extremely appreciative.

Well, with a new year comes new harassment.

I really do have an issue with asking people to vote for me.  It is awkward, shameless and I am sure quite annoying.  In fact, I really would not do it if it was not for the huge competitor in me.  What can I say.  You dangle a competition in front of me and I am all in.  So here it goes.

I am asking you to vote for me.

There, I said it.

All you need to do is click on this pretty pink button and it will take you to the voting page.  It is that simple.

And did I mention that you can vote once every 24 hours?  So, if you are a really big fan of the site, feel free to vote everyday if you want.  No one is going to stop you.

Is this the last you are going to hear about this?  No.  But I promise that you will only see this little button at the bottom of the posts and everything else will return to it's regular scheduled programming.  

Thank you so much in advance!!


  1. I'll be voting! Will try to do it every days so feel free to pester away! (and look, you're in second...woo hoo!)


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