Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Serenity Now!

What do you do when your husband leaves early Saturday morning for a business trip while you are in bed with what might be the worst hang over you have ever had (yes, I know, my fault), yet you are alone to take care of three children?  

What do you do next when you promised your Oldest that you would get Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie if he finished the book, it is still the same Saturday, it is 105 degrees outside and after two Targets and one Walmart it is no where to be found?

What do you do Sunday when you finally wake up feeling human again only to find that your entire kitchen has been taken over my MILLIONS of ants (I am not exaggerating) all over your floor?  

What do you do when you are done cleaning up the millions of ants, you take the three children out to lunch and shopping, only to return to YOUR BED and MASTER BATHROOM filled with ants?  Did I mentioned that there is NOTHING to eat in there?

What do you do when, while trying to wash your ant-covered sheets your washing machine, decides to stop working?

What do you do when you wake up Monday morning, feeling human, with no more ants, only to find that the indoor/outdoor rug you have in your kitchen that was drying outside after you hosed it down thanks to the ants has MELTED in the 105 degree heat that has continued the entire weekend?

What do you do when you realize you haven't showered in two days?

You know what you do?

You laugh.

It is the only way to not lose your mind.

I do not think I have looked forward to a week starting more than I did this past weekend.

I swear it was in dog years.

Orkin has come, the ants have been attacked, the rug is reversible, the washing machine is fixed, I have showered and the hubby got home last night.  

Dare I say that "normal" life has returned?

I know I keep asking but there are only a few more days of this and then it will all be over.  I promise!

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  1. OMG Sarah! Honestly??? That is insane. Drink wine now...lots of it.

  2. The melting rug had me laughing...I left Beckett's royal blue chair cover outside this week to dry after I washed it because he dumped milk all over it...it's now grey/white from having the sun take all the blue out of it. Oh well. Have to laugh!

  3. The melting rug...OMG. I had to laugh!


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