Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This it is.  Today marks the first day of school and no more summer.  I cannot believe it.  In past year's, I have been SO EXCITED for school to start again.  Sounds terrible but after three month's, I have usually had enough of trying to entertain everyone.  This year it is totally different.  I REALLY wish we had another couple weeks left of sleeping in, going swimming, staying up late and throwing all schedules out the window.

Today is the start of early mornings, running around, homework, practices, games on Saturdays and I do not think the children and I are ready for it.  Thank goodness it is half day all week.  We are all going to need some time to get used to this.

Farewell summer!  Until next year!  

Did you notice how much better we are getting at putting ourselves in the photos?  Next step is figuring out how to get a picture of all 5 of us together!


  1. I don't think we ever get use to summer ending. And ...yes, I did notice that you're getting better at putting yourselves in the pictures. Now to get all 5 of you in one - hmmm ... think, think, think :)


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