Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Went Vegan

Not literally!  I could never do it!  No, I am talking about clothes.

I know that I have mentioned numerous times that leather is one of my favorite trends this Fall (have you seen my board on pinterest?) but I have really held back on pulling the trigger on anything.  This is mostly because when it comes to high priced items, I leave them for my hubby to purchase.  That way, I do not feel guilty about buying it and he basks in the triumph of getting me something I LOVE.  

One item that I have been keeping my eye on though is this Tinley Road Vegan Leather Pencil Skirt.  

Not only it is not real leather (which won't piss off my animal-loving friends) but you cannot beat the $79 price tag.  Add a few Gap rewards to the final price and you can just call me "Budget Babe" (this is a name my hubby has NEVER called me).

Rachel Bilson also agrees with me, as she selected this as one of her picks for Fall.  See, great brunette's think alike.


  1. Beyond! Looks like real leather to me.

  2. That Tinley Road has some great pieces....!


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