Monday, October 15, 2012

Beer-Battered Apple and Onion Rings

What do you do when it has hit the middle of October and the weather is still in the 80's?
You pretend it is summer and host a BBQ!

Saturday night we had some friends over to celebrate the summer that never seems to end.  The hubby was handling the main course, prepping ribs, beans, kale and cornbread.  The only job I had was handling the appetizers.  Yes, I could have gone the healthy route but that would have been no fun at all.  Instead I went the complete other direction and went for the deep fried option.  I made Beer-Battered Apple and Onion Rings and I am not going to lie, all the calories were worth it.  The apples tasted like apple pie (they would make a great dessert too!) and the onions were a perfect compliment with the salty.  As I suspected, two fried foods are better than one.


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