Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sponsor Highlight: SugarSNAP

"They're Here!"

No, I am not referencing one of the scariest movies of my childhood but that the ladies of SugarSNAP have joined the Juggling in Heels family.

After making two appearances on the blog for their fabulous Files and my new obsession, the Car-Go System (it has saved me more than once in the diaper department), they have set up shop as a sponsor of the blog and I could not be more excited to have them.

The SugarSNAP files were developed to help moms organize their diaper bags so that they were no longer bottomless pits but actually served the purpose we need them to serve.  These files led to the Car-Go System, to help organize our cars while we play Taxi Driver to the family.  I know I keep saying this but if you haven't taken a look at these two products, you really are missing out.  

I have had the pleasure of getting to know the creators of SugarSNAP, Stacy and Tarah and they are incredible examples of women who had an idea, pursued it and have ensured it became a reality, all while managing a household of twins!  Plus, if you visit them over on Facebook or Twitter you will also find that they are extremely funny.

In case you missed my previous reviews, here they are...

The SugarSNAP Files
The Car-Go System
In addition, these lovely ladies are offering 20% off your purchase for all my readers through October 31, 2012 simply by using the code: JUGGLING.  You can click here to order.

Welcome SugarSNAP!

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