Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Last week I was invited into the PLANKS USA showroom to preview their collections and custom furniture orders.  PLANKS USA uses refurbished wood, steel and industrial products to create vintage, retro and trendy style interiors for restaurants, retail shops, hotels and homes.  Since I am constantly on the look out for great pieces for our new home and this style is right up my alley, I jumped at the chance to take a visit, even if it meant bringing Baby Girl along for the ride.  Thank goodness they had candy.

As soon as I walked into the showroom I knew exactly where my next piece of furniture was coming from.  It is like they went into my head and began pulling ideas prior to me even showing up.  The pieces were not only incredibly unique but gorgeous and would fit into a home with both modern and traditional pieces (a.k.a mine) perfectly.  

Some of my favorites were the oversized dining rooms tables, the cow hide stools, and the metal and wood coffee tables, just to name a few.  If I happened to own a restaurant or bar, I would want it to look just like their recent project, The Fat Cow at the Grove in LA.  It is pretty incredible.  As I was shown around the showroom I also learned about the company, how it came about and their desire to use only recycled materials.  It is a pretty great story but I will let you read it for yourself here.  I also asked them to send me some of photos of my favorite pieces so I could share with you just a small piece of what they create.  

 PLANKS USA is located in Lake Forest, Ca. and you can either shop from their website here or stop in their showroom to discuss creating a custom piece for your home.  If you are at all curious as to how the process of creating a custom furniture piece with them would go, the generous individuals at PLANKS USA have offered to create me a custom coffee table for our family room so I will be sharing the entire step by step process with you soon!  Keep an eye out!

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