Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sir, this is not your room!

I have anxiety.  We all know this.

Well, that is not true.  If you are new to visiting you haven't been lucky enough to read about my anxiety but you can catch up quickly here and here.

But back to my anxiety.

Here is word for word what I said to my hubby prior to leaving for my business trip to Las Vegas last week.

"My biggest fear traveling alone is someone trying to break into my hotel room."

This is extremely typical of me (I am a worst case scenario type of person) so my hubby responds with "Babe, that is not going to happen".

Fast forward to Thursday morning at 4am when I am woken from deep sleep with someone trying to open my hotel room door.  I , LEAP, JUMP  FLEW out of bed and ran to the peephole to find one man trying to get into my room with a hotel key with another one standing next to him.
Here is our conversation...
ME: "Excuse me, this is not your room"
HIM: "Yes it is"
ME: "Um no, it isn't"
He continues to try to use the key
HIM: I am not Sir, I am ___ and this is my room

Obviously this man was drunk and was completely avoiding the fact that my voice was coming from inside the room so I ran to my phone and called hotel security.  

I have to give it to Vegas for having amazing security because three people were surrounding him (other guy had apparently gone to his own room) within 2 minutes (if that) asking him questions, checking his ID and the room card he was using.  Apparently this guy was too drunk, was actually three rooms down and they escorted him to his room while I was moved to a completely different room on a completely different floor.

Nothing like roaming a Vegas hotel in your pajamas with a suitcase at 5am.

Might I note that this is all after having a panic attack on the plane for the first time ever and trying to maintain a "I am a successful, confident business woman" while I was FREAKING OUT on the inside.

Moral of the story?

My anxiety is alive and well and thanks to the A-hole trying to get into my room, it had peaked for a few days following.

It is okay though because it taught me two things.  One, I learned that when something I am extremely scared of happening actually does, I handle it like I should and do not completely freak out.  Therefore, I should not be so scared.  And two, my anxiety is going to peak at moments (like on the plane) that I cannot explain or control but I can make it through it.

Win win for me, right?

There you have it.
Crazy story right?


  1. That's scary and hilarious all at the same time! Haha. Glad you're okay.

  2. Very scary, I would have freaked too.

  3. No way!! I'm totally scared of the same thing and would have been in hysterics if it happened to me! Way to be calm and brave!!


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