Thursday, January 9, 2014

ALTERNA Caviar Repair Duo

Yesterday I mentioned that my feet need a break after all the heel wearing this past month but the damage I did to my feet is minimal compared to the damage I did to my hair.

For someone with thin hair that damages easily, the holiday season can absolutely cause chaos on your hair.  And it did.  

With numerous holiday parties, dinners, and celebrations, I styled, curled, straightened, and loaded my hair with products A LOT over two months and toward the end of December the damage was apparent.  My hair had become extremely dry and not it's normal, shiny and soft self.  I took my normal first steps of repair by not blow drying my hair all week and using a mask to help give it some hydration but that was not enough.  I really had put my hair through the ringer.

After a visit to my local beauty supply store, I came home with the ALTERNA Caviar Repair Duo.  

Though the salesperson raved about this system, I still wasn't sold.  I have tried numerous products over the years and yes, they have been okay, but nothing that has blown me away.  After reviewing my other options though, this seemed like my best bet.  It was worth a shot.

I am now officially obsessed with this shampoo and conditioner.  After only one wash, I could already feel a difference in my hair.  I know that this is absolutely not believable because nothing works right away but I promise it was true. (cue infomercial before and after photos now)  I have now used it over the last few weeks and my hair is back!  I also took it with me to Chicago where I knew it would be extremely cold and dry (hello Polar Vortex!) and it kept my hair moisturized and soft through the harsh winter weather.  There is now a high probability that I will never use another shampoo and conditioner again.

I must state that I very rarely like a shampoo and conditioner enough to write about it.  In fact, I do not think I ever have.  You may not really care about that but it does say something about how much I like this stuff.  If you did some damage to your hair over the holidays, you may want to pick some up for yourself.

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