Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Butterfly

With the New Year, I am committed to getting the living room in the front of our house decorated and ready for entertainment purposes in 2014.  Though I have picked up a few items, there is still so much to do and so I had our interior designer come visit on Monday  to start putting everything I have in my brain together and bring this room to life.  

After a couple hours of chatting over chairs, mirrors, sideboards, shelves, wallpaper, drapes and a million other things, I felt fantastic with the direction we are going to take.  With our eclectic taste, I feel that it is hard to make sense of all that we like but our designer is AMAZING at bringing it all together.

One thing we had not picked out yet were chairs to compliment our sofas.  The first thing she said when she walked into the room was "this space needs leather butterfly chairs".  This is what I love about our designer.  These are the last things I would have thought of but loved the idea.  With how formal the couches look, the room needs something to soften it up.  These mid-century chairs bring in the perfect laid back feel, opening the room up to a more relaxing space.  I am crossing my fingers they work!

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