Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Keeping Fit

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Since I was a little girl, athletics has always been something that was a part of my world.  My siblings and I all played a ton of sports and staying active was just a way of life.  These days, I try to stay as active as I can but boy it can be hard to stick with it when our life seems to get crazy.  

To keep myself interested, I try to shift between running, yoga, pilates, swimming, spinning and walking.  By changing it up, I am able to provide myself with new scenery, change of pace and utilizing different muscles at different times.  Long gone are the 5-day-a-week workouts but I commit to getting at least 3 days in, crossing my fingers for 4.  Would I love more?  Yes, but with our busy schedules, I have to be realistic and this is just what it looks like right now.     

I also believe in showing your children the importance of an active lifestyle.  When we have a moment free of sports, practices and school, we love to go on hikes and walks around our community.  It is amazing family time but also incorporates exercise in a fun way.  My hope is that as they grow up they have developed the need to also live an active and healthy lifestyle.

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