Friday, January 24, 2014


I believe that all children have an internal dialogue that goes on when one of the parents is out of town. I am not sure exactly what is said but I believe it is something along these lines..

"I think I will refuse to fall asleep tonight. I cannot wait to see how mommy feels at 10:30pm when I am still awake, she is tired and daddy isn't here to help."

Or perhaps it is..

"I think I will get a fever on the only day of the week that mommy has to herself while daddy is gone so that she cannot catch her breathe. It should be interesting to see how she holds up"

Or maybe it is..

"Let's see how many times mommy has to ask me to do something the last night of daddy being gone because she seems like she might be losing it but perhaps isn't quite there yet."

Needless to say, I am overjoyed that the hubby returns from New York today!

This weekend we have an engagement party for my little brother, State Cup for soccer, basketball games and a charity lunch that I am decorating a table for. A lot of things yes, but I am simply excited for the glass of wine (or 2...or 3) I am going enjoy tonight, celebrating this week coming to an end.

Happy weekend.

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