Monday, April 18, 2011

Insert Caffeine IV here

I used to hate coffee.  I thought it was terrible and could not understand why people drank it.  Don't get me wrong, for years I was still able to give a ton of money to Starbucks by ordering the "I don't really need the caffeine part but like carrying around a Starbuck's cup" mocha.  And sure, add some whip cream to that.  Not so much anymore.

I am not sure what happened but some time after having my first child, coffee turned from the cute drink I had in the morning to stay warm into a beverage so necessary in my life that you really don't want to talk to me until I have had my first cup.  At Starbucks, the mochas were replaced by grande drips or grande lattes with an extra shot for good measure.  At home, our empty counter top evolved into a place for both my Keurig and Nespresso machines.  And remember the days of being pregnant and saying "Oh no, I am not drinking coffee, I am pregnant"?  By child number three, that turned into "I think one cup...or perhaps two, will be fine".  Yes, I admit it, I drank coffee through my entire third pregnancy and I really did not feel bad about it.

And so here we are, three children and an addiction to coffee that I do not see going away anytime soon.  For all those people who I never understood why you "needed it", I am sorry.


  1. 3rd pregnancy coffee drinker here too! :)

  2. Yep- drank coffee and Diet Coke during my 3rd pregnancy here, too.

    Love the Keurig!!


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