Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"One Minute Please"

My poor children.  They hear this phrase all the time.  Whether I am trying to empty the dishwasher, fold some laundry, or mopping the floor, they ask me to play with them and I will automatically respond with "one minute please".  The problem is, it is never a minute.  Once I am done with that item, I move right on to the next thing that needs to get done around the house.  I find that on the majority of days, I will spend most of it "doing chores" instead of playing with the children.

Sadly, I think I am not the only other mom out there that does this.  There is never enough time in the day to get everything done.  I take pride in having my house in order, dinner on the table and all the laundry put away before my husband gets home.  Not that he cares.  It is more for me.  That is what I do not understand.  Why does everything have to be perfect?  If playing with my children means sacrificing that last load of laundry, I am sure the world will go on.  For some reason I just don't always make that choice.

Well yesterday I did.  Yesterday I came home and my boys asked if I would play with them.  We went into the playroom and for over an hour, I played with my three children without a care in the world.  Dinner was not done on time, laundry was not put away and there were dishes in the sink.  And you know what?  Something amazing happened.  I heard "I love you mommy" more than I ever do when I am sweeping the floor.


  1. you are SO not alone. love this post. such a great reminder. :)

    (how often do I say 'one minute'? well, now my almost 8 year old says it to me when I call for her. yikes.)


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