Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To the Young and Polite......

This is an invitation my oldest son (who is 6) received in the mail.  I could not stop laughing when I opened it.  What the hell is this?  First, I would really like to know who Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur P. Klapp III are and how they gained such importance in the dining world.  Secondly, this was sent to a child who would live off chicken fingers if he could.  He does not give a crap about which piece of silverware he should use.  I am just trying to get him to consistently wash his hands before he sits down to eat.  There is no way I could convince him to participate in this unless I could promise that the Lakers were going to appear while there.  Believe me, I am all for proper manners and etiquette, but do people really attend these things?

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