Friday, April 22, 2011

Only in Orange County......

Only in Orange County would an Easter Kindergarten project be created in a Christian Louboutin shoe box.  Nothing like the Stations of the Cross and high end shoe fashion coming together as one!

I want to thank my friend who admitted to this story and after we finally stopped laughing, allowed me to post about this (and even provided the pictures!).


  1. I swear this was the only shoe box I had, because my shoes are lovingly displayed on custom wood shoe racks...but of course! I kept this particular shoe box just to have haphazardly thrown on the floor of my closet for effect as it held the only pair of Louboutins I own. I only sacraficed this precious cardboard, because I was informed that my son was the only child who hadn't turned his in. Aaaah...the things we do for our children...


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