Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remembering a Friend

April 12, 2007.  Four years ago today I lost a best friend.  I will always remember when I got the call.  I was sitting in the Reno airport waiting for our flight home from Tahoe when my other best friend called to say that we had lost her.  That day changed me forever.  I was 28 at the time and pregnant with my second son.  At that point in life, I had only lost grandparents, who had lived long, happy lives.  Death was something that did not affect me.  But this?  Losing a friend at 28 is not natural.  Your course is changed forever.  My mortality hit me in the face like a ton of bricks and my ignorance towards death was gone.  Those few days of the wake, the burial and the funeral are in my head so clear it seems as if they were yesterday.  Thinking about her makes me miss her more, and not thinking about her makes me realize that when someone is gone, life still goes on.  Neither of which makes me feel very good.  She will always be a piece of me and her laugh will never go away.  Four years and it is still hard.  We miss you RLI.  Always will.


  1. Sweet R.I. She was someone I'd known since 6th grade - and only from a short distance. I know how you feel about the fragility of life. It is something that often takes moments like that to shock us back into that sometimes harsh fact. What a sweet tribute to your friendship and hoe even 4 years later, she is still living on through you.

  2. Great post Sar...I feel the same way. Can't believe how much has happened since we last saw her - I miss her.


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