Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why "Juggling in Heels"?

Because isn't that what we do?  As a mother and wife, I feel my entire day is about how effortlessly I can juggle my way through pure chaos.  Some days I am phenomenal, a super mom I would like to say.  And I will beam in my success.  Other days?  Well, on other days, the wine cannot be opened fast enough.  As for the heels, I can promise that I do not know how to actually juggle in them, but the title is my metaphor for the struggle women go through on a daily basis to be a mother and wife but still stay connected to who they were before they took on these roles.  I love the feeling of throwing off my flip flops and putting on a great pair of stilettos for a night out with my husband or friends.  I am instantly brought back to who I am without titles.  If you have not tried it in a while, look past the comfort zone of your flats and sandals and wear some amazingly high heels the next time you go out.  It feels amazing.

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