Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Game Night

I am not a fan of board games.  Or at least, I have not been.  I used to be.  I LOVED them.  Who didn't stay up all night with their friends in 6th grade playing "Mall Madness" or "Sweet Valley High"?  Perhaps you didn't and I was sort of a nerd but whatever, I loved it!  As I have gotten older, simple board games turned to drinking games (thanks college!) and it is has been a long time since I have looked forward to playing.  But thanks to my boys, this has changed.

They love board games.  All sorts.  This trip we have taken a fancy to Monopoly Junior.

I will admit, seeing them get so excited to play a game with their mom and dad changes the way I view them.  Completely brings back the nostalgia of playing with my parents.  Family Game Night really is fun!  We have accumulated some pretty fun, old school games over time.  Beyond Monopoly, here are a few of their favorites...

And yes, they still makes these ones, just in case you were wondering...

But OMG, they are considered collectibles!  Am I THAT old!  What were your favorites???


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