Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Sandal Time!: Children edition

Since I just spent some time this week talking about sandals I love for me, I thought I would also highlight some sandals that I love for the kids.

Luckily Baby Girl is starting to walk (slowly but surely), so the justification for purchasing more shoes for her is absolutely there.  I was recently introduced to Salt Water sandals by Hoy shoes.

They are ADORABLE.  I like this style as well.

The best part of these sandals is that they are designed to be worn in and out of water and have brass buckles that won't rust when they get wet.  If you are like me who have children who will run directly into the water (pool, beach, sprinklers) without taking off their shoes, these are perfect!

They have a ton of colors available and are easy to find on Zappos for free shipping!

Now for the boys.  Back to simple.  They want flip flops.  That is all.  They are huge fans of Rainbow flip flops (aren't we all??).  

If you haven't worn them before, they are the perfect flip flop and tend to last a lifetime.  My husband and I have always been fans but it was very exciting when they came out for kids.  If they are not in their rainbows, they are also fans of Havaianas.

They picked out this pair because it has a Brazil flag on it and they are VERY interested in world soccer on television, Brazil being one of their favorites.


  1. Those purple ones are super cute! My daughter would love them.


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