Thursday, June 2, 2011

Love for the Little Ones: Comfy Clothes

One thing I have learned after having three children is that they could give a crap what their clothes look like.  They simply want to wear things that are comfortable.  Now, this completely goes against everything I believe, as this mommy will walk around in the most uncomfortable shoes imaginable if they look good.  BUT, I have given in and have decided that if they want it, they can have it.

The boys have been easy.  They want shorts, but not just any shorts.  They want what they call, "cozy" shorts.  The item that my boys constantly flock to are these Gap Basketball shorts.

They LOVE them.  Any time I send them upstairs to dress themselves, these are what they come down in.  I get it.  Boys want no effort.  They have them in every color available.  My only problem now is trying to get them to put t-shirts on that actually match the bottom.  A Celtics green t-shirt with grey and red bottoms is NOT what I had in mind (why do boys not care about matching!).

Girls has been a little harder.  Yes, a 1 year old wants comfort, but as the mother of only one girl, I want her to be overly cute at all times.  Sounds completely selfish....and it is.  What are you going to do?  Baby Girl and I have reached an agreement with Tea Collection dresses, leggings and rompers.

I just ADORE their clothes and they are extremely soft and moveable.  They wash great and allow Baby Girl to move around the entire house without feeling confined.  Also, I love that they are feminine without pink everywhere.  Truth be told, I am just not a pink person.  So, she gets comfort and I get super cute.  Win Win!

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