Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pool Bag: Major Dilemma Here

Yesterday was my first official day of venturing out to the pool with all three kids by myself this summer.  I knew I had a LOT to take with me but I also knew that I had the perfectly large, over-sized tote to pack it all in.  I was determined to take only one bag as I found it completely annoying that for two hours I would need two.  So, I packed up the bag.  This is one one that we have...

Family Tote by Pottery Barn

Looks great right?  WRONG.  The bag was packed so tight that I thought I was going to fall over walking in.  Nothing was organized and things kept falling out everywhere.  When we left the pool, I shoved everything in the best that I could (potentially using my foot to shove it in there) and this is what it came home looking like...

GROSS! Such a mess!  Since then I have been scouring the internet looking for something to hold all of our stuff.  I am not willing to admit that I am a family so large that we need two pool bags.  Unfortunately, nothing is coming up.  Short of bringing a suitcase with us, the measurements of all bags are coming in at the exact same size.  Soo, I started fantastizing about what bag I could use if I had no children with me, with only the need to carry some magazines, water bottle, sunscreen and a book...

Striped Canvas Tote by Vix Swimwear

Canvas Beach Tote by Tory Burch

Sophie Tote by Kate Spade NY

Hmmm, perhaps I do need two.  One for the kids and one for me....


  1. Thanks! I need a bag for our trip to Cabo and was deciding what tote I would like. Of course for me it is a different story since I only have one child...but might as well get a cute one while I can!!

  2. I love that first striped bag- that would be perfect for any day at the beach!

  3. These may be too Raleigh for you- but have you seen/used Scout bags?? A must have for the pool for sure.

  4. Katie, these are too cute! I am definitely going to investigate the size! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I swear Lands End extra large tote is huge! Got it on a Plum District deal for super cheap. And I don't care if the sunscreen spills, the chlorine or sand beat it up. It's a must!


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