Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ladies, Where Is Our Fore....Play?

You would think with all the accomplishments made by women over time, we would have been able to create....... a female version of golf!  Now, I am not talking about actually playing golf.  If you are a woman who plays golf, props to you.  I personally can make it through nine holes before I am ready to be done and drink a large glass of champagne.  No, I am talking about an event/sport that gives perfect justification to leave the family for 4 hours, ride along in a cart with buddies, drinking beers, placing bets and stopping every couple minutes to hit a small ball.  Genius move Scotland!

My husband loves golf.  I know he would like to play more than he does but he STILL manages a good amount of games in a month.  And it is a simple response of "Hey babe, do you mind if I play golf Saturday morning?  We are starting at 6am so I will be home by 10am (as if the early ending time completely justifies the entire event)."  I always say okay.  I get it, he needs his "man time", his break from work but I am starting to wonder where my time is.  I wonder what he would say if one Saturday I said, "Hey babe, I am going to head over to South Coast Plaza for 4 hours to drink, shop and eat with friends.  I will be back by 2pm"

Test: I mentioned this to my husband and his immediate response was (back to the justification), the mall does not open at 6am so I would waste (yep, he said waste) the entire day there where as he will be home early in the day.

And then the cost of golf.  WHOLE different story.  Not only is it at least $100 a round, but then of course you need good shoes, clothes, golf bag, clubs, balls, hat and everything else that is "needed" to play.  Yes, I agree that I can spend a good amount of money.  Not throwing stones here.  But really?  You need all that huh?  How much does that entire ensemble cost?

Sooo, this is what I need South Coast...
1. You to open at 6am
2. You to have carts available for me and three friends to drive around in
3. A DVF dress specifically made for driving around
4. Manolos to match
5. Champagne and wine available from servers who randomly pull up to our group
6. Feel free to create a map of the mall with a score card as to how successful we were in each store


  1. LOL. You're hilarious. Sign me up for that game!


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