Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School's Out For Summer!

Growing up, my mom used to always say how much she loves summer and us kids being out of school.  When I first became a parent this began to confuse me. I was all too ready to have my children in school 5 days a week because, hey, it is easier isn't it?  It wasn't until my oldest started school that I realized why she loved summer.  Not because we were around but because it is a vacation for the parent too!  Here is the list of things I do NOT have to do for the next three months:

1. Drag myself out of bed early to ensure I am ready before getting the kids up.
2. Drag a sleeping child out of bed to ensure he is ready on time.
3. Be out of the house by 7am.
4. Drive carpool and other taxi driver responsibilities
5. Make a lunch every single night of the week (so annoying)
6. Make sure homework is done every night
7. Make sure all forms are completed and turned in on time
8. Book reports
9. Volunteer hours (yep, private school means you better help out on campus)
10. Make two dinners so the kids can eat early enough to get to bed on time (this one is a real pain in the ass but I sort of blame my hubby for working too late, not school)
11. Make sure kids are in bed on time
12. Make sure I remember which day was normal uniform and which day was P.E. and ensure clothes were ready and washed (yes, he has worn dirty PE shorts.  Gross, I know.  But don't judge till your there!)

I think if I sit here long enough the list could go on and on.  All I know is, it is summer time and this mommy is going to kick up her feet and let crap slide for three months!  In fact, it is bed time right now and I see two boys watching T.V.!  Oh well....it summer!


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