Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bellacures Laguna Beach

Last week I had another "First" with Baby Girl.  One I didn't expect.

I have always heard of these moms, but I swore I would never be one of them.

I am taking my foot out of my mouth now.

Baby Girl and I got manicures and pedicures together.... and I LOVED IT!

Bellacures Laguna Beach was kind enough to invite Baby Girl and I in for a lovely afternoon of girl pampering.  I was going to relax with the Mom-i-cure and Pedicure while Baby Girl was scheduled for the Kid-i-cure Mani and Kid-i-cure Pedi.  I was excited to visit this recently opened nail spa but was a tad bit nervous on how it would go.

The setting of Bellacures is much more inviting than many nail spas I have been to.  It is simple yet elegant and rather than sitting in big manicure/pedicure chairs, you were welcomed by a row of extremely comfortable sofa chairs that could have easily been in my living room instead of a nail spa.  It was so inviting in fact that Baby Girl did not even hesitate to sit in her own chair and get ready.  She was a natural.

Lucky for me Baby Girl could handle her own because I was then able to sit back, relax and enjoy the Mom-i-cure.  This was designed for the expectant mother to help ease the concerns many have with manicures while pregnant.  NO, I am NOT pregnant!  But it doesn't mean I cannot indulge like I was.  The entire manicure consisted of no soaps or alcohol, Karma organic nail polish remover, Karma organic cuticle remover, Cuticle Oil: 100% grape seed oil, Made From Earth lavender calm lotion with jojoba, sea salt exfoliant, and Ginger+Liz Base/top coat and polish.  From start to finish, everything was organic and extremely enjoyable.

Along with my manicure, I also enjoyed my pedicure and I was extremely pleased with how great they were with Baby Girl.  Some how they even managed to get her to sit still and let her nails dry before running around again.  If only I could take them home with me.  It was such a great time and I now know Baby Girl will actually do this so I can keep up with manis and pedis again!  Hooray!!  Gross nails be gone!  

Bellacures has numerous locations throughout Southern California and I highly suggest you check them out, whether or not you are expecting.  
Thank you Bellacures from me and Baby Girl!

* Disclaimer: Juggling in Heels did receive a complimentary Mom-i-cure and Pedicure but my opinion is 100% my own. 


  1. Looks so fun! Seriously, I love her (and you too!). Cutest hands and toes pics!


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