Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Product Review: The Car-Go System

The SugarSNAP girls have done it again!

You may remember the product review I did on the SugarSNAP files back in March.  These files have made keeping my handbags, pool bags, park bags and diaper bags (yes, I use a lot of different bags) much more organized.  Who knew they could tops these!

The ladies over at SugarSNAP decided that all our bags are not the only things that need organization.  I am guessing they saw my car and realized I, and every other mother out there, needed some help in keeping their cars organized too.

Say hello to The Car-Go System.

This system takes everything I love about my files, everything I hate about the amount of items crammed throughout my car, and brings together a one-stop, everything I need, woops I forgot it but there it is, organization system that I cannot get enough of.

With school starting only a month ago, I have found that with three children, practices, games, classes, grocery shopping and everything else we are running around trying to manage, I am spending more time sitting in my car than anywhere else.  I have also found that with Baby Girl in tow the majority of the time, there are often things that I forget for her (extra diapers, toys, books, snacks.  You name it, I have forgotten it).  Thanks to the Car-Go System all these items sit in the back of my car, ready to be pulled out whenever I need them.  Plus, the mess that was all over my car is now perfectly organized in one spot.  Take a look.

One of the best parts of this system is that the files can be removed if you need to take something with you and my other files from the diaper bag can be put into the system so I am not doubling up on things.  Mixing and matching.  Just like my clothes.

I have been using my system for little over a week now and it has actually allowed me to carry less in my bag because I know it is already stocked in the car.  It has also saved me a few times thanks to forgetting to grab diapers and wipes.  Plus, my car is a lot more clean, which I did not think was possible.  I love, love, love this system.    

You can order this Car-Go system directly from their website here and, because they are so nice, if you use code JUGGLING, you will receive 20% off your purchase of any sugarSNAP products from now until October 31, 2012!

The next order of business is a new car.  Who would have thought we would outgrow a Yukon?!    

* Juggling in Heels did receive a complimentary Car-Go system to review but all opinions are 100% my own and I love it.

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