Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Diagnosis is...

My three year old is currently going through what I would like to call the  "Terrible Three's Bi-Polar Disorder".  I am not sure, but this might be worse than an emotional teenage girl (I will let you know in 12 years).  One minute, he is the happiest kid on the block...

 And then suddenly...

"Angry Anakin Skywalker eyes" (yes, that is what he calls them).  The second he gets mad, these eyes come out, followed by one of the following overly dramatic phrases:

1. I don't love you
2. I don't like anyone in my family
3. I don't like outside, it is not beautiful (okay, I have only heard this once but it made me laugh, I mean, how dramatic are we going to be here?)

And then, a few minutes later, he comes back with "I love you mommy!"

Yes, Bipolar.

Hearing "I don't love you" does not break my heart as everyone said it would, it just pisses me off.  I am not sure where he heard this or came up with it but it is obviously something I don't want him saying.  So, we continue to deal with our emotional roller coaster in hopes that he QUICKLY outgrows this stage.

As a note: Middle Man is a good kid and was such a good sport to allow me to take pictures of his faces.  When asked to show me his angry Anakin eyes, this was originally what I got.....

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