Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Happy Mother's Day!

I love Mother's Day.  Not because I expect to be showered with love and gifts (though I will not refuse if offered) but because it is a day to thank my mom.  Thank her because being a mother is f&*king hard.  At 32 I can say I am FINALLY starting to realize all the crap that she has had to put up with over the years to raise 6 children (note: my father was great too, but it is Mother's Day).  With half as many children as she had, I really do not understand how she handled it without:
1. going to therapy
2. becoming an alcoholic
3. giving one of us up for adoption (possibly even two)

She is what I would like to call Superwoman (without the cape and knee high boots) and I hope that I am half the mother she is one day.  Thank you Mom for everything.
Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all the mommies out there and cheers to us all for doing the best we can!


  1. Thanks Sarah - Best kind of compliment you could have ever paid me. Loved it and love you! Mom


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