Monday, May 23, 2011

One of My Favorites: Oversized Sunglasses

I have a slight obsession with oversized sunglasses.  They just work for me.  I have tried other styles but I always go back.  Because of having children, I always keep a couple pairs of child-friendly sunglasses on me, but love to have a nice pair when I know they will not be destroyed.

These are my favorite child-friendly pair.  I have about 5 pairs scattered around the house.  If they break or I lose them, I always have a backup.  LOVE that they are $5.80.

Forever 21 Sunglasses

I am currently pondering the purchase of one of these two pairs.  They are both adorable but the Chloe might take first place.

LOVE the scalloped trim on these!

But I love the color and detail on these ones too...


  1. I know what you mean about having kid friendly glasses. I had to learn the hard way that my daughter doesn't appreciate Marc Jacobs like I do.

    I like the Chloe one! The scallop detail is fab! :)

  2. I agree that the Chloe's are sooooo cute! Perfect for NYC so I hope you have a pair by then. Also good to know that the cheap ones are from Forever 21...since I can't get into any of there size 2 clothes, at least I can wear their sunglasses. :)


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