Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working For Vacation

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am heading out of town tonight for a girls trip to New York.  You would think that this means I am spending every opportunity that I have packing myself, prepping my books and magazines for the flight and simply getting excited for all that I am going to see.  Oh how wrong this is.  Yes, I am spending all my free time getting ready for my departure, but for everyone else.

Every time the hubby heads out on a trip (business or pleasure), I do not see him running around like a maniac making sure the laundry is done, there is food in the fridge, carpool is taken care of, the schedule is set and the entire house is in order for while he is gone.  He packs, leaves and returns.  Sounds pretty nice.  Usually when I head out of town I have spent so much time prepping the household that I end up throwing whatever I can into a suitcase, not quite sure of what I packed and always assume I forgot something.  Annoying.

Then there is the whole issue of while I am away.  Back to when the hubby travels, it is almost like he never left.  Housework has not piled up.  There is not a mountain of laundry to do.  It is almost as if he was not necessary at all to maintain normal functioning of the house (shocking, I know).  When I return, I have so little expectations that if everyone is still standing (including the house), it was a success.  I then take on the "mommy was gone so all hell broke lose around here" clean up duty.  Again, annoying.

We shall see how this trip goes but so far, the fridge is stocked, carpool has been switched, nanny is booked, the laundry is almost done and I have not even opened a suitcase.

** Disclaimer: There is a small chance I wrote this post knowing full well the hubby reads my blog and I could be pleasantly surprised come Sunday morning when I return.  

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