Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Y'All Come Back Ya Hear!

O.P.I had me at "Lincoln Park After Dark", my absolute favorite nail color shade of all time.  I am quite an O.P.I addict at this point.  Every time I go get my nails done I run into the local beauty store to grab a new color (if, of course, I am not sticking with the LPAD).  After reading a post by fellow blogger Paid Up Top, my next color purchase was definitely going to be from O.P.I's new Texas line.  I just adore this orange, officially titled "Y'All Come Back Ya Hear".  Ah-MAZING.  Looks fabulous on the fingers and is a nice shout out to Spring!


  1. Have you tried Essie? I love all their shades and they have some great orangey colors too.

    Btw, love your blog! I'm now following. :)

  2. LOVE Essie! I will have to go check out their oranges. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Also, thanks for following! I appreciate the support. As you can see from "my favorite reads", I adore Babblings of a Mommy!

  3. gasp, thank you (so belatedly) for the link love!!


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