Friday, March 2, 2012

55 Colors

So, one disappointment I have with the pictures from the Kids (and Moms) Day Out event is that I did not get a picture of the fabulous colored denim I was wearing.  They were Joe's Jeans skinnies in nectar.

People, I am obsessed.  They are the most comfortable skinnies that I own, extremely flattering and of course, I love the bright color.  If you are looking for a pair of colored denim, these might be the perfect option for you because they come in 55 different colors!  There has got to be a color out there for everyone.  I am in the market for another pair but cannot decide which color to go with.  I am leaning towards either the the parakeet or the gold.

I ordered mine off of Amazon (I know, random right?) but the if you click here you can order directly from Joe's Jeans.  Don't all these colors just brighten up your day?


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