Friday, March 30, 2012

Life As We Know It

The weather has been a bit fickle around here lately.  Beautiful sunshine followed by rain storms.  Apparently Orange County is not sure if it wants to lead into Spring or stay in Winter.  I know which one I would prefer (ahem Mother Nature).  When it has not been raining we have been spending our time outside in the yard, the park or at Oldest's baseball games.  Spring Break is right around the corner and I cannot wait!

We had to say goodbye to our favorite local sugar high location frozen yogurt shop.
I also lost my "hey hubby, I would REALLY like some frozen yogurt so could you go get some?" place.
Sad for me...oh yes, and the kids.

Baby Girl has become incredibly determined.  You are NOT allowed to help her at the park.
It has been crazy to watch her grow up so fast (perhaps its the older siblings???).
Only two more months until she is two!

For those of you in the Orange County area, you have got to go.
I had to be rolled out of there but it was worth it.  
And do not leave without having the butterscotch pudding!

Watching Baseball!

Four boys in their PJ's who are so excited for s'mores!
I use to LOVE sleepovers!  Actually,  still do and it is the best when a friend comes to stay.
It has been so much fun watching my Oldest experience them with his friends.

Remember this engagement party and this shower?  Well, now it is time for the Bachelorette Party!  I am heading out this morning for three days of good food and wine tasting with amazing friends to celebrate the bride.  Oh how I love these sorts of weekends!  See you Monday!

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