Wednesday, March 21, 2012


When I am trying to look cute but be comfortable (and I mean, REALLY comfortable), I find that it is extremely hard to do.  My closet is just not that accommodating and workout clothes are just boring (yet, I wear them ALL the time).  Ideally, I would stay in my pajamas but I am not sure how that would be received.  

A few months ago I ordered these Young Fabulous & Broke Sierra Pants.  

I thought they looked extremely comfortable, soft and something that I could wear with a tank and sandals, be cozy, but look somewhat put together.  I don't mean to brag, but I was right.  These are THE MOST COMFORTABLE PANTS EVER.  That is not an exaggeration at all.  I am actually wearing them as I write this.  They feel like pajama pants but truth be told, I have also dressed them up and wore them out to dinner.  They are vey flattering on and I love how long they are (always an issue for me).  I am now looking to order another pair because I wear them so much.  This time in the black.

Changing topics completely, after posting on my win and the Jimmy Choo's the hubby has to get me, he immediately came back with "double or nothing".  See, he was not happy about this loss.  Unfortunately for him, this lady knows when to take her winnings and walk away from the table so even though there is the potential of two pairs of Jimmy Choo's, I am going to keep my one.  No need to be greedy around here.  Sorry babe.    


  1. Smart girl :) One Jimmy Choo is better than no Jimmy Choo.... :)

    Those pants are amazing!


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